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The awesome Mac OS Catalina fonts you didn't know you had access to

Apple has recently licensed fonts from foundries such as Commercial Type, Klim Type Foundry and more to be used as system fonts on Mac OS Catalina.

Words and phrases in common use which originated in the field of typography

It’s obvious where “the press” comes from. But there are also other commonly used words where the connection to typography might not be that obvious.

Reviving a blackletter font from a museum's archive

Last year the printing museum Pavillon-Presse in Weimar (Germany) created a digital catalog for their letterpress font collection.

Why there isn't a font behind every letter you see

Before asking for a font identification, consider if the letters you see were made using fonts to begin with.

Should the terms font and typeface be used interchangeably?

There is no doubt that they are used this way today. But is that something we should fight or embrace?

The Capital Sharp S in now part of the official German orthography

The Council for German Orthography published a new version of the German orthography which finally makes the German alphabet complete.

The honest YouTube Sans reviews

20 Mac Text Editing Shortcuts You Should Start Using

7 Questions for Bram Stein