Michael Trounce

In this video series top motion designer Evan Abrams walks us through the key steps to follow in pre-production to set your project up for success.
Scheduled for 2018/09/24
Meet the flexible new tool used by top creatives at Apple, Uber, Sony, Nike and more.
David Fernández Huerta (Art Director) explains the surprising inspiration behind Monument Valley's most beautiful levels.
In this interview with Milanote, Chris Kelly takes us through the behind the scenes process for developing a brand for Adobe.
Ken Wong walks us through the behind the scenes process that went into creating his latest critically acclaimed game.
What does it take to make an illustration for the New Yorker? See how this top designer went from hand drawn concept to a final piece in just 7 days.…
Susan Kare's icons & fonts for the original Mac were revolutionary. They gave a lifeless computer a warmth and personality that lives on to this day.

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