Dominic Nguyen

A streamlined 5 step workflow for frontend teams building design systems.
How to transform component libraries into design systems and set up the production infrastructure used by leading frontend teams. With real code.
Autogen component docs in tech preview, React Native support, one line config, new addons to help you with accessibility and context.
The most popular design system and component library tool was just updated! Features an overhauled UI, new site, and more.
A fast, approachable, and free tutorial to learn the most popular tool for UI components.
Bugs spread far and fast in design systems. As designers/developers centralize UI patterns, we’re unwittingly creating a single point of failure.
Why is prefab such a transformative concept? It's not hard to understand that building one piece at a time in controlled conditions like a factory, makes construction quick and easy.…
How component explorers finally allow us to test our user interfaces effectively Testing is integral to creating and maintaining high quality software. Throughout the buildout process you'll often find developers…
People gauge the quality of software not just by how well it works but also how it feels. The experiential quality of apps is intrinsically shaped by frontend development simply…
UI components make you think reusable, predictable, and modular. This may be true for small apps where you can easily recall each component from memory. As an app grows teams…

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