Carmel DeAmicis

In 2015, productivity tool Notion nearly died. Here's the design tactics that saved it
As a designer a large part of our work is about exploring constraints and possibilities, which is often a very iterative process.
The creator of FB & Airbnb's design systems says they've replaced jobs.
The best resource for learning, creating, and evangelizing design systems.
I’ve broken down the details of the dashboard controls and interface of the Tesla Model 3, the first mass-market, touchscreen only electric car.
When we set out to make a web-based design platform in the browser, we knew it wouldn’t be easy.
Can the venture world be redesigned? The people behind the Facebook Like button and Airbnb's design system want to find out
It's no secret that talented women in tech often don't get as much attention as their male counterparts. A Mic reporter, tired of the bullshit, recently made her own list…
Design meets engineering in his favorite book list If you surfed design Twitter this week, you probably saw chatter about Airbnb's new open source library for rendering React code as…
In case you missed the fanfare, Facebook held its annual F8 conference keynote yesterday. There were Fast and the Furious 8 jokes! Breakfast sharks swimming around cereal! A sneaky copy-cat…

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