The five best design links, every weekday


More to give than just the div: semantics and how to get them right

A write-up of my recent talk about semantics.

It's easier when you do it earlier

Web accessibility becomes easier and cheaper, when you address it earlier. Here’s various ways to do that.

Why it's good for users that HTML, CSS and JS are separate languages

This week, somebody proposed to replace HTML, CSS and JavaScript with just one language, arguing “they heavily overlap each other”.

More accessible defaults, please!

Useful HTML elements like date inputs and could make the web a much better place.

CSS Day 2019: some things I learned

Last week I joined over 400 web nerds at CSS Day 2019.

Content-based grid tracks and embracing flexibility

Something I love about CSS is that it lets us define visual design for unknown content. This is kind of magic.