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Date: 2021/01/22

The State of Design in 2021

How is Design changing in 2021? We surveyed over 1,000 designers and asked them how they work, what they value, and what kinds of challenges they face

Petco and the cold, lifeless modern brand

In 2011 Petco moved from the big jelly letter font to a thinner, more angular one, adjusted a few colors, and reworked their slogan slightly.

How Trump gave rise to the aesthetics of hate

The 45th president is out. But the world he leaves behind still needs to be reckoned with.

Design Trends Predictions for 2021

See the trends predictions from 13 top designers for the year, and get tips and techniques to put them into practice for your brand.

Design Played a Big Role in Winning Back the Soul of the Nation

Robyn Kanner, Biden campaign Creative Director, on the role her team, design, visuals and using the illustration tool Blush had in the election win.