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Date: 2020/01/13

Designers and statisticians disagree on what makes a good infographic

The field of data visualization has become a tussle between accuracy and beauty.

KPI is an imperative tool for UX designers

In his recent lecture last year Emmet Connolly, Director of Product Design at Intercom, broadened the definition of tools.

Calculate colors. Share palettes.

A new way to find, modify and share digital colors. Leave abstract color models behind and focus on the important things.

The Witcher: Map of the Continent

Guided by the hands of time, venture where no witcher has gone before and unravel the many mysteries of Netflix' Map of the Continent.

Using Rotation to Draw Complex Shapes in Figma

I build web applications for a living. And while I love working on software, there is something temporary about the work.