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Date: 2019/09/07

Less... Is More? Apple's Inconsistent Ellipsis Icons Inspire User Confusion

I've become concerned about what seems to be an increasingly frequent pattern in iOS software design.

Glitched Paintings Give a Contemporary Twist to 17th Century Still Lifes

Philippino artist Olan Ventura creates lavish acrylic paintings in the tradition of 17th century Dutch still lifes.

Neuroscience can explain - and prevent - logo redesign disasters

People don't like change. David Bowie wrote a song about it - 'turn and face the strange,' he sang. If only it were so easy.

Smashing Magazine Is Thirteen!

This week, Smashing Magazine turned thirteen years old. The web has changed a lot since Vitaly posted his first article back in 2006.

How to use icons in Figma

A simple tutorial covering all the basics, and two free UI icon sets in a .fig file.