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Date: 2019/07/29

SoundCloud - Building a habit-forming product

I chose to redesign SoundCloud because I’ve been a user since 2011 and it has been my favorite streaming service ever since.

Datalist is for suggesting values without enforcing values

Have you ever had a form that needed to accept a short, arbitrary bit of text?

Man Who Built The Retweet: "We Handed A Loaded Weapon To 4-Year-Olds"

Developer Chris Wetherell built Twitter's retweet button. And he regrets what he did to this day.

Tokyo subway's humble duct-tape typographer

Tokyo's cavernous train stations seem to be permanent construction zones.

Sizzy - The browser for developers and designersSponsored

Work on your website on multiple devices and sync all of your actions. Automate your process & stop wasting time on checking each device manually.