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Date: 2019/05/01

A Designer's Guide To Better Decisions - Smashing Magazine

Design involves decisions, and those decisions are often flawed because our brains are wired for survival.

Soft skills in UX - what makes a mediocre designer great

Many people seem to think that UX design is mostly about hard skills, knowledge and some talent.

Avengers Endgame Characters Rendered in Ukiyo-e Style by Illustrator Takumi

To commemorate the film’s release, the artist has created a series of illustrations that render characters from the film in Ukiyo-e style.

Making Internet Things, Part 2: Design

A few months ago, I put together the first part of a guide to help people who wanted to start delving into the storytelling we do at The Pudding.

Facebook is redesigning its core app

Facebook announced an overhaul of its main mobile app that puts more emphasis on two of its most critical features: events and groups.