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Date: 2019/01/20

Finding hobbies tailored to your needs - a UX case study

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine expressed how frustrated she was because she had to stop practicing one of her favorite hobbies.

Why every ski trail map looks the same

If you've been skiing, chances are you're very familiar with the work of one particular artist.

Building Brand Loyalty and Reducing Anxiety with UI Animation

Turn moments of anxiety into opportunities to delight users and build emotional bonds through animation.

Building Better Forms™ by not taking away affordances

Don't fiddle too much with your forms‘ layout. Even a small innocent piece of CSS could leave you with a poor #UX and degrade #A11Y.

Evernote: Where less could be more

Discover more about Evernote's design as a business and how its UX and UI serve to meet its users' needs, with expert opinion from Simon McCade.