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Date: 2017/03/09

How UberEats could make ordering for groups of friends simpler - a UX case study

I find myself using UberEats (launched early last year) more frequently than the likes of DoorDash primarily because of two reasons: Continuous promotions - They have had some really cool promotions all this while. (No delivery cost upto $5 for an order) Ordering experience - From searching for food to ordering and waiting for it, the app does a good job with informing the user through out the journey.

A list of 30 women rocking in UX to celebrate the International Women's Day

Designers, authors, speakers, influencers, entrepreneurs - here are a few women who are shaping (and shaking) our industry and inspiring other designers to do the same. Today is International Women's Day. According to Wikipedia, in different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements.

Putting the "Hip" Back in Hipmunk

Company and Project Overview Hipmunk is a popular travel site that helps customers find great deals on flights, hotels, and cars by aggregating listings from a variety of travel partners including Priceline, Expedia,,, and more. Basically, it's like Kayak, but with a way cuter mascot.

Design Podcasts: Where to start?

I love listening to podcasts. Especially podcasts about design. I listen to them almost every day. I even have a separate private list on Twitter, which I use to follow my favorite podcasters. Furthermore, I even pay for some podcasts every month. This is probably not something everyone can say about themselves - hence the idea to write this article.

What is Design?

We asked a Designer to explain the discipline. Mandatory Music License Credit: "Music from Jukedeck - create your own at"