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Beautiful Examples of Anime UI

Anime UI is created for the sake of feeling like UI– intuitive, effective, accessible. Everything that shows a user has achieved mastery of a tool.

100-day UX-sketching challenge - Develop your sketching skills in a fun way

The goal of the challenge is developing sketching skills by creating a UX-related visual library and building a habit around sketching.

Setup a design system

For the last years I have continued to build and design applications web and mobile, and i have learn how to deal with different departments and utilise their knowledge in order to make better products and build better design systems that scaled better and more efficient.

An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton

Polygraph is a publication for visually driven essays. Each project is one month of an author's life spent researching, analyzing, and coding a culturally-rich topic. The output: an interactive experience that seeks to advance public discourse in a way that a prose-driven long-read never could. RIP TL;DR.