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The breakpoints we tested in 2021 & 2022, and the ones to test in 2023

Which screen sizes to design, build and test on is a perennial topic in web development.


6+5 Ways To Make A Two-Column Layout

From pretty reasonable to com­pletely wrong.


This site’s type is now variable

I figured it was high time my own website switched over to use the variable version of Ohno’s Degular.


The new wave of Javascript web frameworks

A deep dive into the problems at scale and the recent evolution of innovation.


Infinite Canvas

Explore infinite canvas tools that work the way we think.

The Sidebar Newsletter

5 Design Links in Your Inbox Every Weekday



Text Is the Universal Interface

Large language models and the future of computing.


Celebratory Gunfire: An interactive data visualization and analysis.

A must-see interactive analysis of Celebratory Gunfire, including animations and projections on how far and how fast bullets travel.


Finding your T-Shape as a Generalist Designer

In the first installment of an interview series, two designers reflect on life as a generalist at Spotify and the career path that led them here.


Yes, accessibility is also a backend concern

Accessibility is a holistic practice that touches every aspect of creating a digital experience.


Figtree: A new, (free) friendly sans-serif

Figtree is a geometric sans serif font walking the line between simplicity and friendliness. It is minimalist but not stiff, casual but not silly.



The 2022 Web Almanac

The Web Almanac is an annual state of the web report combining the expertise of the web community with the data and trends of the HTTP Archive.


Someone is pretending to be me

One random day - someone spills the beans. They were picked to impersonate me and get a job using my information.


Mental Models: why expectations drives user experience

This case study shows you how to use Mental Models to improve your product’s user experience.


Guidelines for Designing an In-Car Voice Assistant

Voice assistants can reduce driver distraction if they are designed well. Here are concrete guidelines for designing a voice assistant for drivers.


Houses Of The World

Houses Of is a travel, photography and design passion project showcasing charismatic houses around the world.



The Curious Design of Skateboard Trucks

A deep dive into the physics of skateboard trucks & their flaws, and speculation on why some issues have never been fixed.


Braun Linear

A new typeface for Braun.


Design Systems Thinking

Do you have a design system or do you have a design analytical?


The Future Of Design Is Open Source, Thanks To Figma

How Figma made Open Design a thing, and a look to the future of open source design tools, like Penpot!


Experimenting A New Syntax To Write SVG

It’s been a while since I introduced a new syntax to the css-doodle project to solve my own problems.




Modern devices crafted in pure CSS.


The Power of CSS Blend Modes

I knew CSS blend modes could create some cool effects, but even so, a CodePen I saw recently left me shocked at what they’re capable of.


Is the Dynamic Island plain stupid or the next revolutionary UX pattern?

iPhone 14’s new stand-out feature, Dynamic Island, may change the world of UX as we know it.


Testing Web Design Color Contrast

An overview of three tools and techniques for testing and verifying accessible color contrast of your design.


The Web is Good Now

The video of Chris Coyier’s talk at CascadiaJS 2022 is now available.



Making digital products more sustainable

This blog addresses how the internet is a major contributor to the climate crisis and offers some ideas for making digital products sustainable.


Research vs Vision: the origin story of the Walkman, Mini Cooper, and the iPhone

It’s always interesting to watch how companies approach the building of their new products.


How to (not) make a button

How to properly turn a div into a button, so the result will be accessible and useable by everyone.


Randomness in CSS

Check out how to generate random numbers using just CSS and make some generative art.


First Batch of Color Fonts Arrives on Google Fonts

Customize color palettes, add gradients, and more with COLRv1.



Designing Better Inline Validation UX

How and when to validate input inline, how to deal with empty inputs, and why it's important to always prioritize copy-paste UX.


QR Codes

Ever wondered how a QR code works? No, me neither but it’s low-key fascinating.


The details and summary elements, again

I’ve already written about the details and summary elements, but there is more to tell.

4 a new AI colorizer

Colorize anything from old black & white photos to artworks. It’s as simple as instagram, free, and no sign-up required.


What a 52-year-old watch can teach us about UX and Digital Product Design

A look at cutting-edge watch design of the 1970s and the lessons we can learn and apply to UX and digital product design today.

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