UI + Redesign

From typography and layout to color and iconography, you'll notice a lot of subtle differences throughout Figma.
Designers love to redesign an interface under the most ideal circumstances, however in the real world, this is almost never the case…
Chrome got a fresh look for its 10th birthday, and today we sat down with Chrome’s lead designer, to go behind the scenes of the biggest redesign.
This time we are going to put our hands on two most input-heavy features: shipping and payment information management.
In this exercise, we will break the checkout process into smaller experiences, and see if we can improve them one by one, starting with navigation.
A UX case study of Sephora's iOS app that goes into the details of the design process and shows the final designs along with a functional prototype.
An elegantly re-designed shopping experience dedicated to helping customers get their Penney’s worth, every time!
A bit about the design process that went into reimagining Spokeo's Advanced Search tools. This was a weeks-long collaboration between the design and front-end teams, with support from backend for…
We all have that special friend, colleague or loved one who just. Can't. Wait. To. Send. Their. Messages. Before. Finishing. Them! For some of us, these repeated messages lead to…
A critical analysis of what caused confusion on Spokeo's Person Profiles, and the changes we made to improve our most data-dense product page. We understood that the Person Profile had…