UI + Prototyping

Going to straight to high-fidelity is an epic waste of time, money, and resources. Rapid prototyping ensures that we iterate/validate our ideas first.
Download a free Desktop framer kit, plus learn about Dropbox's desktop design philosophy.
This time we are going to put our hands on two most input-heavy features: shipping and payment information management.
Stop using "MVP" as an excuse to launch shit products.
In this exercise, we will break the checkout process into smaller experiences, and see if we can improve them one by one, starting with navigation.
Cognitive behavior patterns that influence the user experience and product perception " Don't judge a book by it's cover" as the saying goes, does not apply online. Users don't really…
The production workflow of most UI designers involves creating a pile of static comps, each representing different views and states of an application. These comps are then handed off to…
After opening up Flinto, you'll be presented with the splash screen, where you can go ahead and click on New Document. This, in turn opens up the New Document window…
Designing in Sketch for Framer Studio Naming Artboards and Layers, it's best to avoid using spaces and even dashes because it will cause problems with syntax in your coffee script…
New UI concepts and their CodePen implementation.