This week we learn how to pair Latin and Kanji type with Tien-Min Liao, creator of the Bilingual Lettering project.
An Interview with Graphic and Type Designer Dries Wiewauters.
Marina Joyce is a designer and printer and now the author of a new book, “Designing for Print”.
Scott Kellum, developer and designer, talks about using modular scales when setting type and why he is excited about variable fonts for the web.
Grocery store chain Trader Joe's is known for its colorful, cheeky shopping experience.
This is the 43rd installment of my monthly feature on Typewolf where I share my favorite type-driven websites from the previous month.
Digital Typography Design Tool using Google web fonts
I've always wondered why there wasn't more work done to analyze and "review" the typefaces we all use.
Jillian Adel shares how to develop your own practice and create a more inclusive space for everyone.
At its leading edge, punctuation is volcanically active, giving shape to concepts that move far faster than words.