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Digital Typography Design Tool using Google web fonts
Interface is a new free and open source typeface optimized for high legibility on computer screens
Explore fonts within a website, try and buy them.
Use fonts without needing to install them. Just drag-and-drop to create a new text layer.
A typeface built for wireframing. The font comes in three weights - circular, rounded and block. Pay what you want.
A growing library of hundreds of new, high-quality fonts that are exclusive to Fontstore.
Lehigh is a slab serif inspired by the 'Egyptian' slab serifs of the early 20th century.
Scheduled for 2017/08/08
Your typeface toolbox is about to get a massive expansion.
How we created a quick experiment to inspire designers. While exploring what others are doing with machine learning, I found an image created by researcher Andrej Karpathy, who used AI…
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