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Let's say you're an operative with the CIA. Your agents are filing intelligence briefs to you in text documents.
Fonts In Use launched in December 2010, initially as a blog.
Netflix has unveiled a new custom typeface to be used across the streaming platform's brand identity.
A new font family restores the chic long vanished from the condensed, high contrast sans serif.
I've always wondered why there wasn't more work done to analyze and "review" the typefaces we all use.
New from H&Co, Inkwell is a tiny universe of fonts in which handwriting meets formal typography.
Spectral is the newest addition to Google's font library.
"Expression knows no boundaries or limits," the video said. "Expression is strength and freedom. It defines who you are." As it turns out, though, there are quite a few boundaries…
Mark Simonson is a prolific graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer whose innate artistic talents date all the way back to his early childhood. While his college education and subsequent career…
Back in August we shipped a preview for a major update to Typekit's font browsing interface, and many of you have helped us test it and offered great feedback over…