Typography + Interview

An Interview with Graphic and Type Designer Dries Wiewauters.
Marina Joyce is a designer and printer and now the author of a new book, “Designing for Print”.
Scott Kellum, developer and designer, talks about using modular scales when setting type and why he is excited about variable fonts for the web.
Jillian Adel shares how to develop your own practice and create a more inclusive space for everyone.
An Interview with Type Network’s David Jonathan Ross.
Talking to Jesse Ragan and Ben Kiel about starting their new type foundry XYZ Type.
An Interview with Bethany Heck on her upcoming Font Review Journal and how to make stronger choices when pairing fonts.
An Interview with Up-and-Coming Type Designer Loan Bottex
We interviewed Connary Fagen, a graphic designer and typographer with a considerable background in web and UI design.
An Interview with Designer/Developer Michael Mckeever