A Sketch plugin to extract a color palette from any layer that contains bitmap data.
If there's one phrase that's plagued the design world more than any other over the past year, it's this: "SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH".
In building and evolving our product, we have found it's important to find ways to communicate to everyone in regards to design.
If you're working as part of a team with other designers, Sketch's Libraries have got you covered.
Good UX motion design isn't simply animating assets.
Here's a story about how we learned to read and write the Sketch app file format to create the very first ever PSD to Sketch Design Converter.
Sketch Template of UI Elements Found in macOS.
A growing collection of high quality Sketch resources
An image is worth a thousand words. Learn how to create outstanding illustrations with the Sketch plugin Looper.
We've introduced a major new update to Sketch Cloud, vertical text alignment and a few other enhancements to help improve the way you work..