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Lessons Learned from Sixty Days of Re-Animating Zombies with Hand-Coded CSS

I’ll be linking to individual Pens as I discuss the lessons I learned, but if you’d like to get a sense of the entire project, check out 60 days of Animation on Undead Institute. I started this project to end on August 1st, 2020, coinciding with the publication of a book I wrote featuring CSS animat…



The beautiful, fast, flexible, native Mac code editor from Panic.


Totally Mundane™

Follow these bland documents to always go unnoticed and be like every other Bland.

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Buying Myself Back

When does a model own her own image?


Americans speak more than 1,300 languages. This artist wants to capture themx

People speak as many as 800 languages in New York alone. With A Counting, Ekene Ijeoma aims to represent every single one.


Color within Constraints

Getting 100+ designers and engineers to follow guidelines that are a part of literally everything they make is a huge undertaking.


How to use CSS masking

CSS masking gives you the option of using an image as a mask layer.


Inclusive Design 24

A free 24-Hour online community event on accessibility.



Rise Up. Show Up. Unite! Artists for Biden/Harris Poster Campaign

Award-winning artists unite to create political poster art in support of the Biden/Harris campaign lead by Jessica Hische.


Cyberpunk 2077 Assets — Logos and Vectors

This is a collection of many logos and pieces that are included throughout Cyberpunk 2077 along with artistic representations of these logos.


The tangled webs we weave

Another reflection on modern web development


Claudio Guglieri - Design Playground

I help brands design products from idea to final execution.


Web History Chapter 4: Search

eBay had had enough of these spiders. They were fending them off by the thousands.



Welcome to Your Bland New World

Why do disruptive startups slavishly follow an identikit formula of business model, look and feel, and tone of voice? Because it works, sort of.


Measuring the health of a design system

Design systems are like community gardens, and understanding their health is key to success. Here’s how the team at Sprout Social does it.


A Deep Dive Into the ‘Gentrification Font’

According to a popular Twitter meme, sleek sans serif numbers are now the official look of neighborhood change.


How to solve design problems?

A step towards the solution isn’t always a step forwards.


Learn CSS Centering

A guide to everything you need to know about centering in CSS.



A guide to minimalist design

Minimalism is the concept that embodies the phrase “less is more”. It is also a concept that crosses our lives in many shapes and forms.


Designing a Material Theme: Typography

Tailoring your typography with Material Design and Figma.


The Evolution of the Google Sign Up Form: 2005 → 2020

The timeline of how Google has created its modern registration form.


How to Get Handwriting Animation With Irregular SVG Strokes

I wanted to do a handwriting animation for calligraphy fonts — the kind where the words animate like they are being written by an invisible pen.


Meet the new icon search engine

While the world was turning upside down these past six months, the Iconfinder team has been working on a complete rewrite of the icon search engine.



Everything I know about UX Research, I learnt from cats

In User Experience design, it’s easy to think of ‘users’ as a faceless group of humans.


Read Me!

By the time this article reaches the next screen, a significant share of you will have already stopped reading


Figma & design thinking: Building a design system for an existing product

Here is how I went about creating a Design System in Figma for a product that already exists by using the design thinking process.


Defining “View Source”

If someone says they want to “view the source” of a web page, what are they talking about?


What is the Value of Browser Diversity?

What is the value of browser diversity? If Firefox switched to Chromium tomorrow, what would we lose?



How CSS Perspective Works

As someone who loves creating CSS animations, one of the more powerful tools I use is perspective.


Blue People Illustrations, or How to Kill a Brand

There’s a recent trend in web design of using illustrations of blue, generic, faceless people. And it’s killing brands.


An Introduction to Multi-Platform Design Systems

Any discussion about design systems is assumed to be talking about the web.


One Microsoft designer’s quest to make the industry more inclusive

Maurice Woods, founder of the Inneract Project, has spent 15 years teaching Black and brown kids about creative professions.


Similarity Principle in Visual Design

Elements sharing similar attributes are perceived as related, while those appearing dissimilar are perceived as belonging to separate groups.



Let’s Bring Webrings Back

What if a 20-year-old concept held the key to revitalizing design blogging?


What’s More to Design in a Chair

Will UX designers get automated by AI as we standardize our patterns and systems?

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