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Climate Change Stamps Change Color When Heat is Applied

These heat-reactive stamps for the Finnish Post reveal climate change messages when a finger is applied.


Six Figures in 6 Days

Insights on earning over $100,000 in less than a week.


United States of Letterpress

A short documentary film produced to accompany the release of a new Field Notes series.


Innovation by Design 2020: The 30 winners that are changing our world

This year’s Innovation by Design Awards honor the 567 most creative designs in business.

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The Guide to UX Research

The Guide to UX Research includes everything you need to know to run research, featuring expert tips from researchers at Sketch, Figma, Shopify, etc.


When fonts fall

A deep-dive into font fallback


Plus Codes - giving everyone, everywhere an address

Many people don't have an accurate address making it harder to share where they live. Plus Codes—simple addresses for anywhere on the planet—can help.


Introducing the 2020 UX Designers to Watch

For the second year in a row, we’re highlighting impressive, up-and-coming UX design talent from around the world in our UX Designers to Watch series.


How we created the illustration style for our partner products

This is the story of how we incorporated illustration into our design system at



Charting an Empire: A Timeline of Trump’s Finances

A dynamic scrolling visualization of Trump's finances by the NYT.


Stop doing design system projects

When new designers and developers join forces to evolve your design system it is tempting to start working in projects.


Bidirectional scrolling: what’s not to like?

Bidirectional scrolling on sites like Netflix and Disney Plus organise programs into rows of categories.


Building a Modern-Day Hit Counter

I’ve spilled a lot of digital ink on this blog talking about the magic of compile-time workflows , using tools like Gatsby to build rich…


a11yresources - A growing list of accessibility tools and resources

A growing list of 200+ accessibility tools and resources



Get Creative With a Free .design Domain Name!Sponsored

Get 1-year of the .design domain name for free! Tell the world exactly who you are and what you do with your own .design domain, perfect for designers


3 things about CSS variables you might not know

CSS variables are really cool, and chances are, you're already using them in your projects already.


What if all covid‑19 deaths in the US had happened in your neighborhood?

Insert your address and find out what would happen if your neighborhood was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.


Buttons that Spark Joy

What if we could make certain actions not just successful, but celebrations?


How We Made a Design System for NYT Cooking on Android

How the New York Times Cooking team made a design system for their Android app.



Jazz Musician Lettering

Rather than post 100s of covers and posters, I wanted to isolate the lettering for easy browsing and analysis.


These new emojis perfectly sum up this dumpster fire of a year

[Insert sob emoji here.]


Adobe XD Has a New Look

We’ve launched a new look for Adobe XD. It’s not an app redesign (yet), but think of it as a new suit of clothes.


The failed promise of Web Components

Web Components had so much potential to empower HTML to do more, make dev more accessible to non-coders & easier for coders. Or that was the idea.


The Psychology Behind TikTok’s Addictive Feed

This TikTok case study shows you the psychological principles that make their video feed so addictive (and how that could be made more humane).



Blacklight – Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector

Blacklight will scan any website address and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site—and who’s getting your data.


Visx from Airbnb

Visx (formerly known as vx) is a collection of expressive, low-level visualization primitives combining power of D3 with DOM benefits of React.


The Typography of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture named a space shuttle, created a custom font pack, and relaunched the greatest of all space franchises.


Adobe introduces Liquid Mode for PDF

Manifesting the future of PDF, Liquid Mode delivers a breakthrough reading experience that enables a much easier way to read documents on mobile.


Wikipedia is getting a new look for the first time in 10 years. Here’s why.

Multi-year project aiming to create an experience that feels similar to long-time users, yet straightforward and intuitive for new folks.



Thinking About Power Usage and Websites

Gerry McGovern asked if I had any insight into energy consumption and websites.


Bringing Context To Design Systems

Hayley Hughes, UX Manager working on the Polaris Design System at Shopify discusses the importance of context in working on design systems.



Easy to implement, 3D typography for any website and every font.


Artificial Intelligence autobiography 

I wrote a 700-page autobiography, fed it to a machine learning algorithm and painted the results. 


The Animade rebrand by Koto uses its logo as eyes

This jubilant identity also brings out the animation studio’s distinct personality through abstract shapes and bright colours.



A Friendly Introduction to Spring Physics

Ever since I started building websites, I’ve been fascinated by animations.

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