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How designers can help prevent visual glitches in iOS apps.
When the iPhone X launched, a lot of designers were put off about the screen shape.
This prototype game for the iPhone X explores other ways that facial tracking can be applied outside of mirroring expressions.
Earlier this year, Apple made headlines when it revealed a new iPhone design that left out the iconic Home button.
As a UI Designer myself, I found these tips useful when designing for iPhone X.
While everybody played around with the idea of an all-screen phone, it's never really serious until you get a hands-on experience.
Apple released iOS 10.3 to all (compatible) iOS devices this week. The most notable changes are not visible yet, because they rely on designers and developers to take advantage of…
A proper sharing feature has been part of iOS for years. It has a consistent, system-level UI that's available from most any app with anything worth sharing and yet no…
Hi Javi! Let's start from the beginning. How did you first become a designer? I spent tons of hours making drawings, logos, posters, websites, 3D... all amateur level but with…

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