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Can a utility brand be an emotional brand?

An emotional tech product is a lifestyle product. It doesn’t necessarily solve a problem.

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Designing for the Microsoft Surface Duo

Over the last few decades, product makers have continuously adapted devices to meet a dynamic array of ever-changing human needs.


10 Years of Designmodo: Highs, Lows, Lessons and Inspiration

All this time, I’ve never shared what happens behind the scenes here. It’s been an amazing journey.


How I Structure My CSS (for Now)

When it comes to structuring CSS, there is no shortage of different naming conventions, methodologies, and architectures.


Gradient angles in CSS, Figma & Sketch

In the last years, I have worked with different graphics programs and have written many lines of CSS.



This post talks about a generative system called Physarum model, which simulates the evolution of a colony of extremely simple organisms.


Experts weigh in on the Biden-Harris logo

A new logo for a brand that will last three months—but will have a lifetime of importance.


Web History Chapter 2: Browsers

Dennis Ritchie had a problem. He was working on a new, world class operating system.


Enhancing User Experience With CSS Animations

How to build CSS animations and transitions in your interfaces that are inclusive, accesible and will enhance your users’ experience.


Our new home for Atlassian Design System

The Atlassian Design System Team is pleased to announce that our new home for Atlassian Design System is now live at



The Step-by-Step Guide for Pairing Fonts

I’m going to cut through the crap and give you a step-by-step plan for creating beautiful, professional-quality font pairings.


Summer Top 15 — Figma stuff released recently

Handpicked collection of the newest templates for Figma: UI kits, UX tools, design systems, icons, illustrations and more.


Brazilians Who Design

A repository to celebrate the work of talented Brazilian designers and showcase it to the world.


PDF: Still Unfit for Human Consumption, 20 Years Later

Research spanning 20 years proves PDFs are problematic for online reading.


Supercharging <input type=number>

How to supercharge your <input type=number> so users can increment or decrement by 1, 10, 100 or 0.1 by pressing modifier keys.



Styled Components: A Quick Start Guide

Start practicing styled-components today with this short, actionable guide.


YouTube Studio App Redesign - UI Case Study

Almost a year back I started posting videos on YouTube and ever since the journey has been incredible.


Pablo Stanley on life as a remote designer

We caught up with Pablo to talk about life as a remote designer, making your side project your day job, and why everyone loves illustrations.


What Happens to Viral Particles on the Subway

Many New Yorkers are avoiding the subway, fearful of jostling with strangers in crowded cars.


CSS Mistakes While On Autopilot

When we’re very focused on working on a web project, we tend to forget or do some mistakes that can lead to an invalid CSS code.



FAST: The adaptive interface system for modern web experiences

Interfaces built with FAST adapt to your design system and can be used with any modern UI Framework by leveraging industry standard Web Components.


The 6 wildest design concepts for a virtual Democratic National Convention

Designers share their vision for the first (nearly-all) virtual Democratic National Convention. Biden, time to fire up Twitch!


Optimizing CSS for faster page loads

Learn how CSS affects page load times and how you can improve it by optimizing your CSS build pipeline and the way you load it.


The New York Times and National Geographic win the Endesa Best of Show Award

In this edition, 162 media outlets from 34 different countries have sent in their works.


Figma components with a fixed aspect ratio elements

Before Figma Auto Layout our days were dark and full of horror.



content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance

The CSS content-visibility property enables web content rendering performance benefits by skipping rendering of off-screen content.


UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #9

A fresh set of inspirational UI interactions and animations from the past couple of weeks.


Digging Into the Flex Property

Have you ever wondered about how the CSS flex property works?


Generative Logo Design

When we first set out to design a logo for Components AI, we naturally gravitated towards generative concepts.


Behind the feature: shedding light on shadow spread

An engineer’s journey making hard decisions about (seemingly) simple feature requests



Web History Chapter 1: Birth

Tim Berners-Lee is fascinated with information. It has been his life’s work.


This vs That

What is the difference between this & that in front-end development?


Rambly - The Audioconference App To Walk And Talk With Friends

Rambly is a virtual space for events like happy hours, parties, and meetups.


Drop-Shadow: The Underrated CSS Filter

If you’re familiar with CSS, you probably know all about the box-shadow property.


NASA’s ‘worm’ logo lay dormant for 28 years.

So why are people so obsessed with it?

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