Interview + UX

An interview with Gabriel Kirmaier, author of UX Bites - Small Bites of Useful Information about User Experience Design
Google UX Lead David Hogue says simplicity isn’t simple, but it is crucial.
We talked to Pablo about what skills UX designers need and what to highlight in a UX designer portfolio to get your dream design job.
We asked Jarvie to tell us about how technology has changed her work and how her team is improving corporate culture.
This is a series of interviews where one Game UX Professional interviews another. The catch, is that the interviewee conducts the next interview!
I interviewed the great Avi Cohen, a UX writer.
The interview series - giving you design tips, knowledge and inspiration.
With all this talk of psychology in UX design, is there such a thing as a design psychologist? If you look up "design psychology" you will find that this field…
In theory, I'm supposed to be a User Interface Designer. In practice, I constantly switch between UI design, front-end development, good ol' web design, information architecture, prototyping, motion design, and…

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