Inspiration + Interview

A new interview series exploring how front-line creatives are adapting to a changing industry
An interview with the award-winning artist and creator of the Twitter Fail Whale.
Great minds sharing design. Let's build something special together.
How a creative side hustle is changing people's perception and making email gold. Wearing matching white shirts which they created themselves, Cam and Miah were standing at a raised table…
by Nick Yulman Though they involve computer-driven mechanisms that imbue objects with surprising, lifelike qualities, Bruce Shapiro hesitates to call his creations robots: That term would not be inaccurate, but…
This week we had the pleasure of speaking with lettering bad-ass J essica Hische. Jessica has been working on her own as a letterer, illustrator, type designer, and relentless procrastiworker…

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