For designer and illustrator Lauren Hom, 2016 was a year of non-stop travel around the globe.
A look at the ubiquitous influence of Matisse on today's world of illustration.
Illustrating Shopify's empty states
My thought process on creating illustration using Sketch.
Scenic illustrations can oftentimes benefit from the subtle use of figures. These figures may be placed as a focal, middle, or background element…
For me, modern Italian Illustration is like gelato for my eyes—unapologetic yet unpretentious…risqué yet innocent.
I’m making an emoji for every one of my colleagues in Bakken & Bæck. The first finished set includes everyone from our Amsterdam office.
A look at a few hand-picked isometric illustrations, and the process involved.
In the spirit of UX Teardowns, I'll be looking at illustrators that catch my eye, and try to analyze what makes their work so compelling.
I was crazy about graphic design when I was young.