Why I think most people are missing the point talking about iPhone X "ugly notch".
A design career is a progression from thin markers to fat markers.
Rarely a day goes by where I don't spend at least some time thinking about design tools.
A few years back I was obsessed why the question of why some companies rocked at one thing, and sucked at another.
Our brains are lazy. Well, that’s not exactly fair. Our brains are great at conserving energy.
Have you noticed that Instagram has been looking more and more like Snapchat lately (of course you have)?
By the end of this essay I hope to convince you that modern desktop operating systems are anything but.
No matter your skill level, there’s one question you can start asking in order to think like a great designer.
When I first saw Medium, I was in awe. Someone had finally found a graceful way to translate long-form text from the analogue world into the digital.
It seems you have chosen design for a career. At this point, I probably cannot dissuade you from the horrible decision you have made.