Animation + CSS

Let's take a look at a carousel I worked on where items slide in and out of view with CSS animations.
A set of link hover effects that reveal a thumbnail in different creative ways.
A template where one can switch between little image previews that are scattered around the page.
I'm not sure how you first got in to web development, but in my case it was in my GNVQ ICT class whilst I was at school...
Once you grasp the few fundamental concepts, you enter a whole new world of possibilities. Let’s demystify this fantastic animation tool!
Silky smooth interactions are critical for providing a natural-feeling application.
A simple morphing page transition effect where an SVG path gets morphed into another while the current page moves up.
An up-and-coming feature that is going to have a big impact on our ability to create accessible animation.
Some ideas for previewing or just playing with folders on hover. The idea is to show a little animation when hovering a folder icon and reveal some kind of preview…
I'm pretty new to CSS animations. For the most part, I had only used them in limited cases and mostly using libraries created by others, such as the excellent Animate.css…