UX + Critique

Tempo is an email client that helps you focus by letting you sort through email in batches rather than a constant stream of interruptions.
Discover more about Evernote's design as a business and how its UX and UI serve to meet its users' needs, with expert opinion from Simon McCade.
I have divided my analysis into 3 parts: Onboarding, Language Learning Experience, and Gamification &Engagement.
Quick feature thoughts and improvements for the Trainline app.
Every single year when I plan to go on a vacation I get really excited. Like most people, I love to travel too.
Looking at the multiplicity of poor interactions, bad usability, and dark patterns employed on various travel sites.
As a long time fan of Zelda games, I was excited to dive into Breath of the Wild. It is both the largest game in the series as well as…
What a difference ten years makes Web design has changed a lot in the last decade. Here I'll be analysing Spotify's website through the years and discussing key changes as…
Background information I'll be taking a look at how the UX of Fitbit has changed since the announcement of its first product in 2008. Fitbit was founded by James Park…

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