Case Study

For as long as I can remember, Creative Market has used Museo Sans as it's main typeface.
A look at how music discovery service Shazam has evolved over the years.
A case-study for WebEngage's marketing automation product design.
An elegantly re-designed shopping experience dedicated to helping customers get their Penney’s worth, every time!
The Oregon Trail is, by most measures, the most successful education computer game of all time.
A summary of a collaborative and iterative design process by two designers on a tool for a lamp design company.
A writer without words, a singer without melodies, a painter without images: imagine if you had to do your job without the tools you normally use.
Taking a look at the new user experience of the PayPal app.
A detailed case study for an art subscription service companion app.
We redesigned the desktop website with a renewed focus on facts, diverse perspectives, and more control for users.