Case Study

I've been using the Switch for a few months and I can't stop thinking about its user interface.
Making a typography poster for an ancient alphabet.
In this article I am keen to take you through my process of building the new custom logotype for Marvel, from sketch to final product.
A case study of some of the finer technical details behind Stripe's latest product page.
For the past 9 months, my team has been developing Crello - a free editor that helps create all kinds of marketing and promotional visuals.
With Facebook Spaces, you can spend time with your friends in VR, no matter where they are in the world and feel like they're here with you.
An unsolicited redesign of music production app Ableton Live.
A story about a Google Ventures-style design sprint.
This article illustrates how an app's UI evolves during development, and highlights some subtle but important changes.
Common portfolio pitfalls and how to conquer them.