Case Study + Logo

Every rebranding exercise has to start somewhere. Ours started with the logo.
Founded by Kelly Choi, Sushi Daily makes handmade sushi at counters in more than 700 supermarkets.
Today we're unveiling a big update to the 0x brand.
Brand redesigns aren't all puppies and rainbows.
In this article I am keen to take you through my process of building the new custom logotype for Marvel, from sketch to final product.
Last year, I took a course in brand design, and got in some more practice by completing some pro bono jobs afterwards. For a few weeks, I worked with the…
A dream project: we were asked to create a series of beer labels with complete creative freedom to make something unique. We were asked to incorporate 6 types of beer…
I've found Design Inc. to be a great connector to some amazing clients. Quick and easy to set up a beautiful portfolio and establish a ballpark price around core design…
My name is Dawson Whitfield. I made Logojoy - an online logo maker that uses machine learning to make it feel like you're working with a real designer. Logojoy is…
Our new site comes with a new logo. Although rooted in our previous brand identity, we've rethought what we can do. Five months before Steve Jobs published his " Thoughts…

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