Inspiration + Case Study

People often ask us what our perfect project would be. It's a hard question to answer.
If people don’t interact with their bank cards in that way anymore, then how do they use them? The answer seemed obvious: in portrait.
An idea emerged back in the 20th century about a brand new mode of transport involving a magnetic pad to reduce friction.
How we helped Banco Galicia engage with their customers by re-designing their whole online banking platform.
A detailed case study for an art subscription service companion app.
A pixel art case study.
In February 2016, I moved from London, England to Pittsburgh, USA to join Duolingo - the world's most popular education app and then fledgling ~45 person startup. My first task…
A metaphorical exploration of air and the negative space it occupies.
It was a chilly autumn morning in New York City-one of the last days that would see brilliant red, orange, and yellow leaves hanging from the trees. On Wooster Street…
We pride ourselves on the fact that Intercom has become synonymous with high quality design and content. But we never take that reputation for granted. We are one of that…