Icons + Case Study

Design is becoming the heart and soul of Office.
Behind the scene of Yahoo’s PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics icons.
A visual history of the greatest icon mascot in the history of the entire universe.
With Symbolicons Pro, I wondered if it would be possible to flip the equation. Sell my icons, and then create them?
With the newest release of Adobe Creative Cloud, the filetype icons have a fresh, new look. Learn about the thinking & process behind the redesign.
Get Ryan's icons on Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/4UApXbATsMrvF48asT2qiU/Iconic%3A-Volume-1/duplicate Ryan Putnam is one of the most prominent illustrators working in tech today. He's the #4 most popular illustrator on Dribbble and he's done…
By Andrea Limjoco & Rob Bartlett This week we updated our Spotify icon suite. It was a four month process of creating and implementing six hundred individually crafted icons that…
People often ask us how emoji are created and how they get into our phones. As a designer and a product manager working on Android, one of the things we…
I have teamed up with Marvel to create 90 free icons that you'll enjoy. First of all, I'm sorry this series has been rolled out quite slow - all these…
Behind the scenes: SketchTricks icons design This is my first edition of Icon Snack - where I will share a quick tips, tutorials or even show you a behind the…

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