UX + Accessibility

Don't fiddle too much with your forms‘ layout. Even a small innocent piece of CSS could leave you with a poor #UX and degrade #A11Y.
As a UX designer, it is important to build empathy and celebrate accessibility requirements as a set of design constraints to build a better product.
This article shares some tips on how you can improve your site's accessibility and the experience it delivers for color blind people.
Cat Noone is the founder and/or CEO of three (yes, three!) apps focused on design accessibility.
Skip-ink underline are the perfect example to show how accessible design can be pretty and improve the readability of our content for dyslexic users.
The popularity of flat design in digital interfaces has coincided with a scarcity of signifiers.
The Goods and Services Tax reform, or GST, was given the nod by both houses of the Parliament, after a 16-year talkathon came to a conclusion on August 8th. Many…
"I don't see it", I muttered in frustration."How can you not see it? It's right here: 12...", my schoolmate claimed comfortably."I don't see a 12, I see a 17...", I…

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