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The organization of space is key to every great design.
Approach to file naming of wireframes, mockups, and handoffs. Clear structure with examples and template.
I work in a design partnership at Walmart Labs, where Anh and I work on essentially the same apps pretty frequently.
It's on every job description. You see it all over the freshest design tool release. You might have even heard your family mention it at Thanksgiving.
What makes a design system better than any other?
Introducing Stackswell, a plugin that streamlines repetitive responsive design tasks for UI Designers.
Designing a cohesive visual system for all of Facebook's business products.
UI methodologies like Atomic Design bring logic and structure to individual screens. Now it's time to extend that thinking to every aspect of your product. Here's a little mystery. Why…
Have you ever noticed the relationship between a closet and a design style guide? Your closet reflects who you are and shapes your style. A design style guide determines how…

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